the world's first double-walled collapsible cup

A combination of striking

aesthetics and innovation

using our patent pending (1815385.8) technology

Our Collapsible Cups collapse comfortably down to a handy size that can easily be carried in a small bag or jacket pocket. The clever design includes a pouch and the lid has a stopper to stop on the go spills. This reusable, eco-friendly drinkware eliminates the need for bulky travel mugs and disposable single-use coffee cups. The perfect solution for environmentally conscious customers looking to reduce their landfill footprint. Built for convenience with no BPAs, phthalates, glues or lead.

Which one’s your preference ?

The 3 tiered original version

The Portobello collapsible mug

Outer Wall Stainless Steel, inner plastic liner. Designed for on the go travel. Suitable for drinks under 85 degrees centigrade.

Vacuum insulation
Vacuum insulation

The 2 tiered stainless steel version

The Hazlewood

The second version in our range, designed as an all rounder for whatever you are doing. Outer and inner walls both made of stainless steel and vacuum sealed, keeping drinks hot for many hours, compatible with most car drink holders

We haven’t stopped there

Our Oxford is a ground breaking cup that gives you a cup with added features. It links with your mobile phone and makes your every day life less frustrating.

W10 is a range of stylish, competitively priced, environmentally friendly and design led drinkware - but with a twist! It is drinkware packed with innovation that you will want to own.

The Blenheim really is the perfect 'on the go' mug. It's double-walled to keep your drinks hot or in fact keep them cold... whatever your preference is, it can be achieved in this mug..

Welcome Blake to the W10 family. This awesome mug can be used at your desk or indeed on the move. It has a spill-proof lid making it perfect for the morning dog walkz...