Each year over 300 billion single-use coffee cups are manufactured globally. Due to their plastic content, less than 2% will ever be recycled. As takeaway drink consumption grows, so does the problem of waste.

Choose to Re-use every single day.

Incentives for bringing your own cup are becoming more and more common. For instance in Costa Coffee outlets buy four drinks in a reusable cup and get your fifth for free!

We would recommend the following cleaning method to aid in removing the tea/coffee stains:


• Baking Soda, 1 tablespoon

• Hot Boiling Water


1. Place baking soda into the tumbler/mug and fill it with hot boiling water.

2. Place the silicone ring and silicone gasket into the tumbler/mug.

3. Close it with the lid and set it aside to soak for 1 hour.

4. Discard water. Rinse and wash tumbler thoroughly with a soft sponge and gentle dish-washing soap.

As the acidic contents in tea and coffee is low, the food-grade Stainless Steel is safe to store them for hours. However, we would recommend to first rinse the tumbler/mug with water (best with hot water) to remove residues that may pick up the washing liquid during cleaning.

See individual cup/bottle instructions but stainless steel products are not suitable for use with carbonated drinks, dry ice, water soluble vitamins, dairy products, fruit juice, and drinks /soups with a high salt content. Do not leave residual liquids in your cup for prolonged periods. Dairy products are acidic.

Follow the care instructions, supplied with your product and shown online. Putting your cup in the dishwasher may reduce the life of the cup, it is always better to hand wash your cup.

The body of the cup, if it states dishwasher safe on the instructions, maybe placed on the top rack only.

Do not put your lid through the dishwasher, as this could degrade the materials, and could cause the seal to break

Recycling Facilities differ. Before discarding your old reusable cup, we'd strongly recommend contacting your local council/government to confirm recyclability. All our products are made from BPA free & FDA/EU approved materials.

• If possible do not fill with liquids over 90°C (194°F). Extremely hot liquids can cause pressure build up, which can lead to ejection of liquid and scalding.

• Always let your drink cool to a drinkable temperature before putting on your lid, to avoid pressure build-up. Always open the lid on the cup/bottle in an upright position away from the face. Hot liquid can cause serious injury.

• Do not shake your cup / bottle, and keep upright at all times.

• Do not over-fill.

• Ensure your lid is fully tightened (pushed-on) before use.

• It is difficult to judge the temperature of your beverage through the insulated walls so please be careful.


• Do not Microwave.

• Do not Freeze.

• Do not soak.

• Hand clean before first use and wash after each use.

• Do not use any cleaning brushes made of metal or hard plastic, and never rinse using scouring agents, solutions or bleaches

For Domestic deliveries in the UK we use Hermes and the prices are as follows:

• £3.50 48 Hour Tracked

• £4.50 24 Hour Tracked

For International deliveries we use a tracked DHL service and the cost will be advised at checkout.

Should you have any product questions, pleasecontact us